Department Of Hindi

The department of Hindi is one of the major and active departments in the college. The Dept. of Hindi was established in 1993.The first head of the department was Mr.T.L. Jadhav Principal K.V.Zambre flourished the department during 1994-96, as head of the department. In2006, Mr.M.Ismail M.Husen the head of the department assisted by Mr.K.N.Gaikwad appointed as an Assistant Professor in the year 2010. Mr. M.Ismail.M.Husen is successfully leading the Department as H.O.D.

Year of Establishment: 28/08/1993.

Features of the Department:
Guest Lecture,
Poster Presentation,
Group Discussion,
Seminars related to syllabi.

Extra-Curricular/ Extension activities:
Essay Competition
Elocution Competition,
National Hindi Day Celebration
Educational Tours

Infrastructure: HOD’s & Staff Room – 01
Success ratio of final year students: 75%

Under Graduate
  • F.Y.B.A.:-
    • Samanya hindi, General Paper – I

  • S.Y.B.A. :-
    • Samanya-Hindi, G- 2
    • Special Hindi- S-I,
    • Special Hindi -II

  • T.Y.B.A. :-
    • Samanya Hindi G – 3
    • Special Hindi- S-III,
    • Special Hindi S-IV.

Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Teaching Experience
1 Mr. Shaikh Ismail Shaikh Husen
H.O.D. M.A. Net. 6 Yrs.
2 Dr. Krishna Natha Gaikwad
Asst. Professor M.A., M.Phil, Net, Set 2 Yrs.

The students coming to the department are mainly from the rural and hilly area, the first generation learners with vernacular medium of learning. The department has sufficient infrastructure and teaching material-Aids andthe following facilities along with the various activities and efforts taken by the faculty, to create Learner centred atmosphere in the department of Hindi for students.

  • Language Laboratory:- From the year 2010, the Department of Hindi Fcilitates the students with a well-equipped Language Laboratory.
  • Book Bank:- The Department of Hindi has developed its own library. Near about 200 books are available for the students.
  • Educational Software:- The Department of Hindi has facilitated the students with a Projector,Audio-video clips, video lectures andother educational aids to teach, stir and develop the interest of the students in Hindilanguage and literature.
  • Internet Facility:- The Department of Hindi provides Internet Facility to the students to cope with the advanced world. The students can make use of the internet for following the important topics and aspects available in the educational sites.
  • Bridge/Remedial Coaching:- The Department of Hindi arranges a special coaching for the students who are relegated in education. Special lectures are arranged in the department for them. After the completion of the course, they are examined with a process already set for such students.
  • Career Oriented Courses:- The Department of English offered a Career Oriented Programme- Functional English from the academic year 2009-10. The Courses Offered are-
    • Certificate Course in Functional English
    • Diploma Course in Functional English
    • Advance Diploma in Functional English

  • Seminars:- The Department of English arranges Seminars for the students of U.G. and P. G. every year.
  • Workshops:- Workshops are arranged every year in the Department of English on the Topics like- Spoken English, Writing Skills, Rapid Reading, Language learning, My reading of a poem/ novel/ drama etc.
  • Students’ Club:- The Students of Special English have formed a Club (Association) in the Department. The Club is named as ELLLA- English Language and Literature Learners Association to enhance the competency in English.
  • Trip/ PicnicThe department arranges picnics/ trips for the students of the department.
  • Poetry Recitation / Performing a Character Competition: The competition is arranged to promote the reading habit of the students as well to boost them with confidence.
  • Essay Writing competition: To promote the creative writing as well to develop the writing skill of the students the competition is arranged.