Department of Botany: Statement of Department-

“Each one plant one”


Organized Botanical society for creating awareness of the Subject and Environment among the students.

Success ratio of final year students: 77%

Our students has ranked in the university merit list

Extra-Curricular/ Extension activities:

Organize Environment Awareness Programmes

Organize subject related programmes

Organize programmes and workshops to promote and enhance the interest of the students in the subject

Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Date of appointment
1 Mrs. S.A. Deshmukh (H.O.D) Associate Professor M.Sc 15/07/1991
2 Dr. R.D. Yeole
Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph. D. 11/01/2011
3 Mr. A.V. Wakode
Assistant Professor M.Sc. NET. 14/01/2011
Lab Attendant
Mr. Vinayak Rane
News and event regarding department
  • 1. Botanical Study Tour
  • 2. Botanical Society
  • 3. Plantation of tree
  • 4. Best out of waste workshop
  • 5. Environment awareness
Book publications 
Sr. No. Name of Staff Presentation of Research Paper Publication of Research Paper Publication of Book
1. Mrs. S.A. Deshmukh 13 12 03
2. Dr. R.D. Yeole 04 13 02 Articles in book
3. Mr. A.V. Wakode 07 03 03

Achievement by students:

Our students actively participated in various cultural, sports, N.S.S. activities organized by our College.

* The student has ranked in the university merit list