From the Chairman’s Desk
Sau.Rohinitai Pranjal Khadse-Khewalkar

It’s my privilege to welcome and address you, through the website, to Muktainagar Taluka Education Society’s Smt. Godawaribai Ganapatrao Khadse College, Muktainagar. Our institute, Muktainagar Taluka Education Society, is one of the oldest institutions in this region of Maharashtra, with the glorious history of over 70 years, it is imparting education to the masses since 1952, as we strongly believe, “It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”. The establishment of a senior college was a step ahead in this endeavour. The college, since its inception in 1990, has been striving to impart quality education in Arts, Science and Commerce faculties.

Quality Education to the masses has always been a concern and one of the top priorities of India since independence. Keeping this in view, our main concern is to provide access and provide educational, especially higher educational, opportunities to the farthest far, the poorest poor and to all the segments of society. We always try to work on the lines suggested/recommended by various National Education Commissions and the like Government bodies. Our main focus, along with Quality Education, is to inculcate among the students the values like- equanimity, sympathy, compassion, morality, cooperation, integrity, devotion, noble embellishment, broad mindedness; love for truth, non-violence, honesty, humanity; sense of equality, respect, democracy, brotherhood, spiritual development, aesthetic sense; universal welfare, to lead them towards a comprehensive development for the betterment of the society, nation and at large humanity. We put all our best efforts to equip them with knowledge, study skills, life skills, soft skills and employability skills to make them a self- aware, confident, responsible citizen of the society, country and the world.

We, through our constant and consistent efforts, are trying to provide good educational atmosphere in the campus. The college has developed and maintained scenic greenery- full of peace. The importance is given to discipline, regularity and punctuality. The college runs the courses in Arts, Science and Commerce at UG level and PG courses in Chemistry, Computer Science and English. The Chemistry laboratory is recognised ‘Research Lab’ of North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. Free Wi-Fi facility is enabled in the campus. Along with the educational progress, the equal importance is given to curricular and extra-curricular activities, and the awards like ‘The Best NSS Unit’, ‘The Best NSS Volunteer’ (State), ‘The Best NSS Programme Officer’ witness the same. The college provides appreciable Sports Facilities, Indoor-Gymnasium, World-class Swimming Pool, as a result of which, a good number of students have been giving memorable performances in sports at Inter- national, National, State and University level competitions. The college is well aware of the difficulties of the girl students of rural area, hence, availed the facility of, well-maintained and looked after, Ladies Hostel.

The Management is well aware of their role in the changing times, hence, along with the traditional courses, the new applied courses have to be availed in the campus and the course like Bio-Technology is a step in this direction. Every care is taken to expedite the college with the changing demands of the world. For the purpose the staff is promoted and encouraged to set new horizons of quality and work culture and try to meet the challenges of future. I wish the best to every stake holder of the institute in this endeavour!